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    i am wait

    i guess i am wait a couple years or months and then get the shimano 11 or the xx1.

    I woldn't want to go 1x10. I'd want to get 11

    Quote Originally Posted by SlowerJoe View Post
    the reason I got xx1 was because I was happy with the xo 10 speed gripshift I got for my fat bike
    just to let you guys know Im not a fanboy I am running an xt front derailleur on my fatbike and an xt cassette
    I had juicy 7 brakes "traded them for a case beer" think I got the better deal on that one
    I sold my the reverb seat post
    our trails are not ridable right now so I only had my XX1 on the road
    it is quieter than my single speed "I bounced the bike around and no chain slap"
    it shifts the same as my XO grip shift "nice and crisp"
    if the chain stays on without a guide and it holds up well it is everything they say it will be
    I will find out in march
    till then its fat bike season

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    Do you need the range of XX1? If so, it is really a great system and you will not be disappointed. If you don't need the range, save some $ and go with a 1x10 setup! The only real advantage of XX1 is the gearing range. I have used 1x10 for maybe 95% of my riding for the last couple years but have used a 2x10 for the other 5%. XX1 solves that for me but I also plan to keep riding 1x10 too...

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