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    XT (M770) vs LX (M580) shifters? Need comparison!


    I'm considering either the M580 LX shifters, or the M770 XT shifters.

    From what I can tell, here are the differences:

    XT is a wee bit lighter, has instant release and position adjust

    Is that all? They both have dual release as far as I can tell, and both have removable gear indicators.



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    They use different shift mechanisms. The XT's mechanism is also supported by ball-bearings (rather than the LX's bushings) and will have a lighter and smoother action. Although the differences may not be vast when the units are new, the XT will retain the tightness and precision of a new component for longer than the LX, where the bushings will gradually deform over time.

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    The XT optical display can be removed, not sure about that LX (maybe it can).

    The XT can be modded easily to be "multi-release" like XTR.
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