Just wondering if you guys could help me out with some dimension comparisons between the Raceface Deus and Raceface Cadence cranksets.

I need to know - illustrated above (labelled Cadence arm but same picture for Deus arm)
A) any difference in spindle length - I'm hoping the Cadence is 7.5mm shorter (the arrow should extend to the end of the spline, not half way.)
B) any difference in spline length - I'm hoping they're the same
C) any difference in the shape of the spline - I'm hoping they're the same

also I need to know if the section of the bottom bracket cups that sit out of the frame is the same width.

The length of the threaded section doesn't matter, obviously the Deus cups will have a longer threaded section to allow for the 2.5mm spacers that the Cadence cups don't have as they only need be compatible with 68mm shells (for road bikes) versus the 73mm shell/e-type front derailleur option of MTB's.

My plan is this

My MTB uses a 68mm shell, so I will install the bottom bracket cups without and 2.5mm spacers just like a road bike. This will then require a shorter spindle and as the Cadence arm is designed for 68mm shells only I figure this will fit. The next step is the tricky one, will the Deus RH arm be compatible with the spline length and shape of the Cadence spindle. If they are and the setup pictured above works then I have an external BB MTB crankset with a Q-factor at least 7.5mm narrower (which is 162.5mm, maybe more if the angle out from the BB of the left Cadence arm is less than that of the Deus) and a narrower chainline (45mm, perfect for 2x9). Will also be lighter, no 2.5mm spacers, shorter thread on BB cups, cadence left arm/spindle probably lighter than Deus arm/spindle as it's a road component.

What are the opinions, will it work? Don't care about warrenty or all that gear.