I bought these pedals last year, and since i couldn't find any information on them then, i figured a nice little review was in order!

After doing a lot of research on platform pedals to no avail, I finally went out on a limb and just bought them because i liked their look. The red elox / white color combo fit perfect on my bike, which sadly has since been stolen out of my basement (bastards!). Though i miss the old, i have since acquired something new and plan on buying the same pedals again.

I paid 60 EUR shipped which, though a little on the expensive side, i found reasonable. After a few days, a package arrived with my new goodies! I used the occasion to get a new seat post clamp and a new stand pump. But enough from me:

the packaging sucks, but what can one expect.
Xpedo Face Off XMX 18AC Platform Pedals Review-img_20120925_105541.jpg

lots of spare pins! Note the Tune clamp on the side
Xpedo Face Off XMX 18AC Platform Pedals Review-img_20120925_110327.jpg

all together!
Xpedo Face Off XMX 18AC Platform Pedals Review-img_20120925_111103.jpg

I mounted them the next day on my 2006 Cannondale F600. All the red elox and the white accents look super fly, and my Thomson Masterpiece is finally clamped down properly!
Xpedo Face Off XMX 18AC Platform Pedals Review-img_20120925_163027.jpg

so fly!
Xpedo Face Off XMX 18AC Platform Pedals Review-img_20120925_163038.jpg

Now, the important part: the ride.

I took these out for an inaugural ride on my favorite trail through the city, roughly 20 km (mostly asphalt). The pedals come together to form an X, making a nice concave platform that really griped my shoes. I was even able to pull up on the pedals as if i were clipped in. The bearings were smooth as butter, the pins provided more than adequate grip, and the weight at 385 g is respectable.

The black pieces connecting the top of the pedal with the bottom are actually made of rubber, and created a "bite" effect into my shoe. This made for the best feeling pedal i have ridden to date.

However, while doing more research after my bike was stolen i came across these pictures on Jenson's webstore.
Xpedo Face Off XMX 18AC Platform Pedals Review-37205445_293789_full.jpg

Xpedo Face Off XMX 18AC Platform Pedals Review-37205445_293790_full.jpg

Apparently a vine got caught in the opening and ripped the pedals apart without the rider even noticing! This never happened to me, however i hardly road the pedals long enough before it was stolen to be able to honestly comment on their durability. Though I did clip them on the pavement once, and apart from some scratches they appeared to survive the hit well enough.

Bottom Line:
Buyer beware! I'm going to risk buying them again for my Cannondale Rush because i absolutely fell in love with the "bite" effect from the rubber grommets. That, and they come in some awesome color ways. I may buy all three colors to make something individual. Black and blue might look pretty good on my new bike. As soon as they arrive ill post pictures of them fitted on my Rush.