This is kind of a brake and drivetrain thing but specific to 10sp Gripshift so I posted here.

I have a 2x10 X0 Gripshift set up that I love and has been flawless. I switched from BB7's to X0 brakes recently. The problem I'm having is the BB7 levers you could put right next to the shifters no problem and have the traditional brake lever cable over the shifter cable look. Due to the reach adjustment on the new X0 brakes I've found that I had to put the shifter cable over the brake hoses in order to get the brake close enough to the shifter so I can reach the levers.

Anyone experience this yet? I've included a picture for your viewing pleasure.

X0 Gripshift and X0 Brakes-486687_10200591882693724_189522244_n.jpg