Alright, didn't quite know which section to ask this question in, since it relates to both rear derailleurs and mainly the hub compatibility issues. I have never seen a Saint rear hub in person, so I am going to need some tips from people who either own them or have worked with them. Thanks in advance...
I am just wondering if a Shimano Saint hub and axle can be bolted down to standard qr dropouts without using the Saint rear derailleur that bolts onto the hub axle??? So basically just using it as a bolt-on axle rear hub, and using a regular mount derailluer (Saint derailleurs bolt directly to the hub axle). Even though the rear hub and axle are meant and designed to work with the matching Saint rear derailleur, can I use this hub and axle as a normal bolt-on hub (w/ 135mm rear axle spacing and normal vertical dropouts) I really need to know because I already have an XT drivetrain that I want to use, instead of purchasing the Saint derailleur, and I just got a good deal on a wheelset that has a Saint rear axle in the hub.
Anybody with experience, or using a similar setup (saint hub, normal derailleur) please let me know, it is much appreciated.