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    What length cranks for short person?

    In attempt to getting out and doing something with my gf, I bought her a 15" Kona Roast. It currently has 170mm cranks which are Hussefelts and which are also boat anchors. The frame itself is heavy enough. I have an older XT octalink crankset and BB but the arms are 175mm. Is this a big deal? I'm not looking to cause her knee pains or discomfort.

    This would be the first step in a little bit of weight loss, most of the weight is in the wheels.
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    Does your gf have long legs? If so like more then a 32" inseam they might work otherwise I would go shorter. I'm 5' 11" with 32" inseam and use to have knee pain with 175s so I went to 170s and my knee is way better. I think for me the problem was that the at the top of the peddle stroke with the longer cranks my knee was bent at more sharper angle which puts more tension on the kneecap against the groove in the femur.
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    keep in mind the shorter the crank, the less leverage you get (like raising your overall gear ratio)...

    i'm 5'6" w/ 29.5" inseam... i use 170mm LX Hollow-Tech II cranks - comfy with that

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