Ok so I'm wanting to build my XC bike- I have found that for the way I ride and where I ride a 1x9 Bike would be perfect. As of know i have a 17" fetish discipline frame, Rock shox tora sl forks(Going to be upgrading soon)-wtb veloci raptor tires-

I really want to make this bike very light but strong as well- Would love to stay under $750-$1000 after the parts i already have...I'm pretty hard on bikes but i have a single speed for the big stuff so this one shouldnt see any drop-off bigger than the usual trail stuff.

Any help would be appreciated-if you post pics and setups/weight that would be great...I found a thread on 1x9 setups on here and it looked like it had like over 1000 replies but for some reason i can't open it up.

I realize everyone wants a light durable bike it's the price that determines how light and strong you are willing to make it....so if you do reply it may be helpful to post how much you have in your bike.