• 09-05-2012
    Truvativ GXP bottom brackets
    After 3 years of hard riding, I went to regrease my GXP gigapipe bottom bracket bearings, and have found the outboard non drive bearings not salvageable, they are notchy and I believe it's time for a complete new bottom bracket.

    Suggestions on where to buy online for a fair price, I would be ordering them online.
  • 09-05-2012
    You can definitely tear the BBs apart and regrease although its not for the faint of heart.

    You will also have better luck posting in the "Where are the best deals" section. These are common so it should be easy to find a sale. Pricepoint had ceramic Wheels MFG GXP BBs for stupid cheap a while back so it might be worth seeing if there are anymore around.