I just finished building a new trail bike, starting with a Remedy 9.7 frame - I had a 9 speed XTR group to go on the bike but I'm not sure if I did this right. The bike originally sold with a SRAM group, so I swapped the BB bearings (came in a little kit that covered most trek carbon frames) and the instructions said not to use the spacers included in the kit - when I installed the crank though, I got some pretty bad rubbing on the front derailleur when the bike was in the middle chainring and bigger cogs on the cassette (30/32/34) like the chain line was off - and it seems ok after removing the crank and putting a spacer on the drive side. Normal?

Probably a temporary solution... I really want to change the crank to a double. I was on the fence about whether to put some blackspire rings on my M970 crank, or sell that and buy a new XT double & double derailleur.