I've been running the atac XE on my bike for about a year now. I was test riding some bikes last weekend and brought along a pair of those older yellow carbon allium's to throw on there.
I found that I was able to engage them a lot easier and they took more to disengage so I was able to jump more without them unclipping. I've really liked my XE's, but am wondering if the fact that they aren't just a flat surface with the 2 rails sticking up has to do with it. Bottom line, I liked them a lot more and am willing to take the 50g-100g/pair weight penalty to run them over the XE/XX or carbon/Ti XX.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it maybe has to do with the pattern on my specialized shoes. The older style atacs didnt have the plastic piece up against the rear "rail" and basically had the 2 rails floating out there by themselves and the current alliums have it offset a bit from the back whereas the higher end ones all have it flush against it.

Any opinions before I just go find another set of the older aliums for my new bike.