Hi all, I have a pretty specific question about 1x9. The other threads I found didn't help, but please redirect me if appropriate.

I ride an IRO SS with track ends. However, given that I would like to do some longer rides on pretty varied terrain Is it a bad idea to use http://www.thethirdhand.com/index.cg...&id=8693873429
to mount a derailleur to run gears? I realize that hanger is usually suited to semi-horiz front-facing dropouts and that it would make it a pain to remove my rear wheel. Besides that, am I asking for trouble? (I already have brand new 9spd shifters, cassette and derailleur in the parts bin so it would be great if this would work)

A hub-mounted derailleur is too $$$ at the moment and I haven't found combination chaintugs/der. mounts for sale online.

Thanks for any advice.