Hey...wierd thing happened, I ordered ceramic pulley's from enduro, not realizing that they are NOT compatible with the X.9 rear derailer.

Was about to send them back when I though of modifying the long cage which holds the pulley's.

1) For the lower pulley, I ground the threaded area so that it is almost flush. The pulley wheel can have a 4mm hole, screw it in and your done with that one.

2) The original upper pulley wheel is offset, so two tabs can be gound flush. The hole that I had was 5mm - the screw is 4mm. When attached the upper pulley wheel is higher than the original and this can cause shifting issues if your chain is too tight. Lossen the chain tension screw so that shifting is smooth.

This is early days yet - I have only rode it around my basement! Everything seems good clearance wise. Shifting is good, chain tension looks good. These pulley wheels are definitely a nice upgrade from the stock SRAM pulley's. The stock upper if a bushing setup and the lower is a sealed bearing - both of which require servicing if you want peak performance.

I looked at some SHIMANO rear derailers that I have and the 5mm hole pulley's would work fine with no mods necessary.

anyway - neat stuff - I must be going stir crazy this winter.........LC

Will get some pictures attached to his thread soon!