I have just bought a used specialized hardrock comp must be an old model as comes with a rockshox indy

Anyway the rear shifter will not shift past 4 it will shift up to 8 and down to 4 but then there's no travel left in the shifting mechanism

It's rapid fire type shifter it seems as thought there is no back spring when changing as I can push the shifter all the way and it will go from 8 to 4 in one go then when lever returns it does nothing when trying to change further

I'm I right in believing that you can limit the shift ability of a shifter so you can use an 8 shifter on a 7 Speed for example

But the fact this is an 8 shifter on an 8 speed I can't see why this would ha e been done

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening or any suggestions to try

Thanks in advance

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