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    Shimano Shadow Plus lever setting - fire and forget?

    I'm building a new bike with an XT 786 rear mech. It's got that new clutch lever that is supposed to inhibit derailleur movement and reduce chain slap. I hear it's all the rage so I bought it without knowing much about it.

    Is this something you turn on and off during a ride, like a shock CTD setting or something? Or is it more like you flip it on and don't turn it off unless/until you need to remove the rear wheel?

    Are there other times when you would want to turn it off?
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    Off is really only to allow you to easily remove/install the rear wheel.
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    ... or when you want to remove the chain for cleaning.

    Although I did try riding the bike with the clutch off, thinking it would just act like a normal non-clutch RD. But, I dropped the chain a couple of times, so I always ride with the clutch on now...
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