Shimano M590 Crankset

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  • 12-03-2012
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    Shimano M590 Crankset
    I just put this in the SS forum, but here it is as well if anyone else is looking for info on the crankset. I'm using it for my steel SS.

    When looking at this crankset I couldn't find any good info on the weights. So here you go. The crankset as a total weighs 960 grams including the bottom bracket. It breaks out like this;
    Bottom bracket - 102g
    Rings and bolts - 221g
    Crank arms and Spindle - 637g

    So for the SS application the cranks + the BB is 739g. Boom. There it is for anybody else wondering.

    It's about 1/2 pound lighter than what I've been using and when I add my 40g raceface ring it should be really nice, stiff, and light.