Ok...i need some help here...I am no pro and dont claim to be, but am trying to avoid a trip to the LBS.

I need to adjust my rear derailleur but tend to do more harm than good everytime i touch the bike.

Shifts fine from large cog to small cog...ie. from large to small down the cassette. However the problems begin when I start from the small cog and try to go up. It just doesn't go...the cable has slack, but derailleur is not pulling the chain up the cassette. If I help it a little once it gets to the 2nd or 3rd cog it shifts up fine...but it wont go those first few on its own.

I need help adjusting it. I don't think I need to adjust the H - L screws as the stops seem fine....but am not sure...any help would be good...I may just stop by the LBS sometime tomorrow for a crash course..