I picked up an older model Bash/32/22 Sixc crankset from E-bay that has the narrower (3.5mm?) tabs. I am planning to install it on my Nomadc (this weekend maybe). I may do some lift-serve this summer, but I definitely will not be doing any true downhill on it (not going to fly through the air very far). It will mostly be very rough XC/AM riding with some chunky stuff, 4-foot drops, etc.

I read a few threads where the tabs broke on the earlier model (RF makes the tabs thicker on the new version). Did this only happen when they were using a single ring, or has it happened with a setup the same or similar to mine? I may have missed a thread where this happened to a Bash+ring setup, so appreciate if you could direct me there.

I tried to call RF about this, but it seems they are moving, so not very available right now.