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    Race Face never made a 4 Arm Next Crank - Did they?

    Reason I ask is watching E-Bay for new cranks. (I'm still a square taper guy... but that's a different topic for abuse 'k?)

    Came across the following auction.

    And either a) It's a crank I don't know about. b) It's a fraud.

    If someone took some carbon stickers - ala motorcycle shop and some clear coat, with some old turbines... it might actually be able to pass... but this didn't look as professiona.

    Any clues?


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    The only Next cranks I've ever seen have all been 5 arm. That looks like a Prodigy XC crank with some crappy carbon stickers put on.

    I imagine you've seen this beauty.

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    Fraudulent. The real cranks did use carbon weave stickers but only on the outside of the arms.

    The stickers on these 4-arm cranks are really, REALLY poorly done.
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    Fraud. Those are clearly prodigy cranks. The Next LP's were only five bolt and have a slimmer profile besides the obvious 5 arms.

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