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    quick question

    just did some overdue maintenance on my drivetrain including taking of the pulleys on my rear der. my question is if these pulleys are made to rotate in a certain direction, and if they require loctite on the bolt?

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    If they are meant to be directional then they would have an arrow showing the direction of rotation. No Loctite needed but please snug the bolts down enough that they won't fall out on their own. If you are one of those people who don't torque down nuts and bolts to spec then use the Loctite.

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    Generally there is a TOP one and a BOTTOM one, the top one has more side to side play than the bottom one does. I do apply a little grease onto the bolts/bearings os they spin a little bit better. I'll use Loctite or silicone seal on the bolt threads to make darn sure they don't fall out.
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    You may find this link useful.

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