Sorry for this new thread - I haven't been able to get into the big 1x9 thread for a few days for some reason.

I've been doing a lot of reading about other folks' conversions to 1x9 and I think I have an idea of what I want to do, but I was hoping for some feedback here.

So I have an 07 King Kikapu and I find I very rarely use the big and small rings, and I have an annoying chain drop issue which I can't seem to fix, so I've decided I want to convert to 1x9 to get rid of unused stuff and to just learn more about bike maintenance.

I guess I'm wondering which set of parts would be the better path to take. I'm looking at either a jump stop + bashguard combo, or a chain guide (MRP). Initially, I'm not looking to replace anything, just remove the big and small rings and then add whatever pieces I need to ensure the chain stays put and doesn't grind against anything. It seems like the MRP stuff is a more complete solution, but I'm still unsure how to figure out what my mountain standard is. On the other hand, the jump stop and bash guard looks like the simplest and cheapest solution.

Finally, I was thinking removing the rings would be simple until I realized I've never removed a crank before. Is that going to be a pain in the ass and therefore I should let my LBS take care of this? I try to do only basic maintenance myself as I have a limited set of tools so I don't want to get myself in a situation where I have a bunch of parts on the floor and have to turn to the LBS.

Thanks in advance!