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    New question here. Q-factor questions

    Hi guys,

    I recently bought a Hammerhead 100x (yay!), and I had the new XT cranks put on the bike. After over 10 rides, an overhaul, and serious frustration, I have my old Race Face Turbine LPs back on my frame.

    Both are the same length: 175mm.

    I have noticed several things with the XT cranks:
    - Major problems with the climbing, just felt like I was struggling (more than usual)
    - The bearings felt like they just would never spin (even after an overhaul)
    - My feet were too wide apart (at least a 1/4 inch on each side)

    After I put my trusty Race Face back on the bike:
    - Climbing was better (I was able to climb the usual hills)
    - I was able to jump again
    - Better balance

    Not sure if it's being female, and I just don't have that wide of stance, but I have hated the XTs even after they were "broken in."

    Are all the new X-type style bottom brackets like the XT? The XT just felt like I was peddling through molasses, and my Race Face would still pedal, no problems (even with a new square taper bracket).

    Did I get a dud XT crankset? Do all the X-type BB have the same Q factor (distance from the crankarm to crankarm)? Help please!

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    there is a discussion about this very issue in the weight-weenie forum. follow me, i'm headed over there myself.


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    some more info on this
    Q Factor Questions

    I am using the 180 mm cranks xt hollowtech and I discovered also the large Q-factor
    But I'll think that because of these 180mm cranks and my inseam of 0.96 m the influence of the Q-factor is less then when you have smaller cranks and a smaller inseam.


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