Okay, so I've read about several problems kinda like this, but have never experienced this exact situation.

Truvativ Hussefelt Cranks
Truvativ ISIS DH BB 68/73 113 mm
MRP LRP Chainguide

The bottom bracket itself is snug and moves freely w/o stiction or grit. No play in spindle.

However, when I tighten the crank arms (both drive and non-drive side) there is play b/w the BB spindle and the interior of the crank spline. It seems like the crank arm will not seat itself the entire way.

The bottom bracket has two steel rings (possibly spacers?) that are located between the shell and the ISIS spline - these are pressed on and move with the spindle. The crank arms are snugly against these rings, but are still loose even upon torquing them. This is a used bike that I recently purchased, and I have never seen a bottom bracket configuration quite like this one. The insides of the crank arm splines seem normal and without any signs of wear. The bottom bracket is the correct size stated by the manufacturer (Kona). I'm afraid to crank on the bolts any more to see if it is a seating issue, and I can't imagine that in order to seat the crank arm on the BB spindle that you would have to push the steel ring in towards the bearings. Anyone experience such a problem? Thanks. -M