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    Problem replacing cable with SRAM 10sp grip shift

    Starting a new thread from the conversation started here

    2013 10 Speed Grip Shift Thread

    To try and get this solved.

    I have a 2012 SRAM XO 10 speed gripshift, and the new cable won't thread. I rotate the barrel away from me all the way to expose the hole, and when I try to thread in the new cable, it goes about 3/4 of an inch in and just stops. I must have tried every way to manipulate the cable, and it's just won't go in. I also can't feed it from the other (barrel adjuster) end of the shifter.

    Any ideas or tips? It's the last part of my build and it's driving me crazy. The SRAM instructions are no help either.

    I haven't been able to find any other instances of this on the internet.

    Interestingly though, when I search Google for "problem replacing cable sram 10 gripshift," the MTBR review of "SRAM X0 210 with Grip Shift" (Review: SRAM X0 210 with Grip Shift | Mountain Bike Review) pops up with the highlighted phrase "Only issues I ever had with Gripshift were difficulties threading the cable in when installing and the..." in the search results. But when I actually look at that review and the separate grip shift review (SRAM 10-speed Grip Shift Review | Mountain Bike Review) and the comments, that phrase is nowhere to be found. It's weird. Any ideas what's going on there? Has the review been edited since it was posted?

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    Figured out the cable problem. Took it to my LBS, they removed the barrel adjuster, and the cable fed right through. Turns out the cable was banging up against it and wouldn't feed.

    So simple! Hope this helps someone else

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    Weird huh?
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    Glad that worked out..........Now, having run them for the last year, you're going to love them. Best shifters ever.

    And don't do the burrito jump... Francois

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    cjb, what kind of cable did you use? same gore rideon that came with the xx kit?

    i'm having similar problems rethreading the xx grip shift with either cable type despite taking the barrel adjuster off first. cable gets jammed at the sharp angle prior to the end/barrel adjuster area.

    i've tried twisting the cable at entry, rethreading from other end, clean/new cuts at cable end, and via hand and pliers, no luck. the cable slots are also too narrow for thin cable liners.

    any other tips much appreciated.

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    You guys ever figure this out? I'm having same issue with my XO's
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