I'm interested in getting a pair of light platform pedals mostly to be used for light trail riding, and have decided to get either the Podiums or the AMP's. They're about the same price, and the cost really isn't an issue... I'd like to get input on which pedal would be better amd why.

They'll be going on a nice ti frame bike, and they will not be subjected to much abuse. I'm sure I could purchase a set of inexpensive Wellegos that would function just as well, but I want a pair of pedals to match the build quality. Both choices are also really nice aesthetically...

The marketing puffery of the Straitlines is pretty silly, so I'm trying to keep it out of the equation. "The titanium used for the axles is not your run-of-the-mill material. This specific batch of titanium was part of a high-profile Phantom 22 project. The project never ended up seeing the light of day, so this batch of titanium finally became available to the public, and Straitline jumped on the opportunity. Simply put, it is some of the lightest and most durable titanium available anywhere."

Thanks for your help!