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    Please recommend a rear derailleur for my 8speed Suntour XC Pro thumbies

    Hey guys-

    I just recently acquired some Suntour XC Pro 8 speed thumbshifters and am going to be building up a bike.

    Will an older Shimano Deore XT or XTR rear derailleur work with these?
    What about an 8speed SRAM rear derailleur?


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    XT and XTR yes. Sram no.
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    do your...

    ...xc pro's have a friction mode like my xt thumbs? I used to have a pair of XC's but don't remember...If so they should work with any shifter, 6,7,8,9 speed if in friction (not indexed)
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    8 speed Suntour is almost the same spacing (the floating pulley will make up the minor difference) and same pull ratio as Shimano...any Shimano rear derailleur will work with the shifter in indexed mode for 8 speed.

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