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    old XT thumbies with new RD

    I keep forgetting, what is the pull ration of old thumbies vs new rear derailures? I'm thinking its soon time to upgrade the rear derailure but I'm really liking the cheap simplicity of my thumb shifters.

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    Old & new shimano stuff should be the same (someone correct me if I'm mistaken), It's SRAM that has a different ratio unless you get the attack version I think.
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    Will work on all Shimano mountain derailluers except the new 10 speed stuff (DynaSys)...will also work on all Shimano Road (except a rare older DA) derailleurs. Also will work on all MicroShift derailleurs (Nashbar, Forte, Sampson) as well as current Suntour derailleurs. All mentioned are 2:1 pull ratios.

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