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    Noises from the Chainring/BB

    I'm a big guy ... thus the name bigDave. I've got a '04 Jamis XLT 2.0 with Shimano XT all around. I've been riding it for about 15 months now. It seems that the last few times I've been out, whenever I really get to cranking I start to hear a creaking noise from the chainring/bb area. Sometimes I can hear my chain hitting the derailleur. This didn't used to happen. It's not a pop, it's more of a tensioned metal noise. Does that make sense?

    I'm looking for suggestions on what might be causing this. I'm wondering if it's my chain? I put a lot of tork on my drivechain because I'm 6'5", 240. I'm planning on getting a new chain soon. If not the chain, then what? Thanks for the help.
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    OK, I guess I asked this question wrong ... lesson learned.

    I see that Warp2003 posted a thread called "Chain Noise" and got some replies. Sounds like his problem is similar to mine, except I know that my noise isn't coming from the seat/seatpost/clamp. My noise only manifests itself when I get cranking pretty hard, whether seated or standing. I guess it's just time to go over the components and make sure everything's snug and secure and in one piece.

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    Besides checking the Usual Suspects (BB, Crank Arms, Chainring Bolts, etc):
    Remove pedals, clean and grease the pedal threads and reinstall pedals
    Remove seatpost, clean and lube the seat post and clamp screw.

    One thing a mechanic told me is that since many frames are hollow aluminum tubing, sometimes a creak in one location can echo down and sound like it is coming from another location. Another was that if a creak continues when you're out of the saddle, check the lube on the seatpost, that is a quick fix for many creaks.

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    I developed some creaking down in the BB area and battled it for 9 months or so.
    It would only happen under higher loads, like when climbing a hill.
    I tried:
    removing/cleaning the cranks - no go
    removing/cleaning the BB - no go
    chaning the BB - no go
    cleaning the chain/chain rings - no go
    tightening/greasing the hell out of everything - no go
    removed the pedals and put a washer between them and the cranks - FIXED!!!!!!
    The pedals had worn into the cranks just a little. When they got installed the washer was never put in. Once I put it there it was like magic.
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