Ive just fitted a new chain, cassette and chainset

Ive done this before but never without any lube in the house

Thus the chain only has the protective whatever it is (not quite grease but more than slime) it is shipped coated in, again not that coated is the right word....

OK sorry for poor vocabulary

My prob is that I have fitted it, and not lubed it, and its noisy.

Not a major noise, just a background kind of mechanical or machinery noise is how Id best describe it, that you can hear over the sound of everything else when pedaling.
Its coming from the cassette area.

The mech's are alighned perfectly by the way and I have treated the jockey wheels to one spot of GT85.

So my question is do you guys think this noise can just be put down to metal meshing on metal of chain on cassette and will it hopefully subside when the shops open and I can get some lube?

Cheers - its Sunday night here in the UK and I cant get to the shops till Tues or Weds at the earliest