A while ago I ripped the pedal threads out of my SLX crank at the downhill park due to a pedal strike. I ordered a new SLX 2x10 crank (24,38t), an SLX 2x front derailleur to replace the original 3x, and an 11 speed KMC chain. This is a 2x10 drive tran but I know the 11s chains are supposed to be compatible.

I installed and adjusted the new hardware and everything shifts great in the work stand. Once I got on for a test ride it DOES NOT like shifting up to the big ring. The chain will just keep rubbing for 10 or so rotations but does eventually grab. After about 100 miles of dealing with this it is shifting pretty well up to the big ring 50% of the time. The other 50% is still better than it used to be.

Slamming the derailleur as low as I can without it rubbing the big ring helped a little; moving it higher made shifting non-existent. Just for the sake of doing it I unscrewed the high limit and tightened the cable tension to the point that the little ring wasn't usable. It still wouldn't shift right.

With the old 10s chain, exact same model SLX crank, and 3x deore mech shifting was instant on the right pedal stroke every time. I don't want to put the 3x mech back on because it used to drop chains all the time. I haven't tried a 10s chain as the old one was worn out and is now in the trash.

So after that long explanation I'm here looking for some wisdom from you great people! Is there something I'm missing here? Is the 24/38 to big of a jump for the SLX mech? What are the chances a slightly wider 10s chain would fix this? I'm tight on money right now so I'm reluctant to buy another chain.