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    Need a wider (Q factor?) crank set

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a wider crankset to go on a Spech Camber. My right foot is turned out and even with a peddle extention I hit the chain stay some. I believe the Sram cranks it come with are the the same as the X7's. PF30 too. The measurement inside of the crank armes is 145mm (Measured, and from looking at their web site, it appears Sram cranks are all about the same and the cranks I measured with thicker arms had an indent for the peddles....). I would like an equel or better crankset but, a little wider and I am having a little problem finding some.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    One of the fat bike companies was widening Shimano cranks to work with 100mm bottom brackets. Can't remember who it was, I saw the article on Bikerumor and I'm sure a visit to the fat forum would help.

    Funny thing Is I've been thinking of just the opposite. I hate the wide stance of most all wide cranks. The fact that I want to keep y triple makes it even harder. I've been toying lately with cutting the extra 7.5mm of BB spindle out of a set of Shimano cranks and welding them back together. Then of course I'd have to build a frame around those cranks, but it would make my knees so much happier.

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    It is harder to find info on wider cranks then I thought. It looks like the cranks on the bike are the Sram 168 Q Factor. I've done a fair amount of looking around for wider cranks and hven't been successful. If you know of or have a wider set, please help.

    Thanks for your time

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    Santana tandems uses a wider bottom bracket on all their tandems about 10mm each side. They will be expensive.
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