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    My fix for the SPANK SPIKE pedal squeaking...

    I've had my Spank spikes for a little over a year. I have quite a few bikes, and I have my Spanks on my AM rig. Every time I ride that thing, the Spanks will squeak in the later part of the ride, on steep climbs.

    These pedals have gone through two sets of IGUS bushings and the axle upgrade by SPANK in my attempt to address the noise issue.

    I like these pedals. The mild stiction that prevents them from spinning when I loose the pedals on a jump is a big plus. I also like the low profile and their hardiness.

    I've finally decided to sit down and try and fix the issue. You know what they say, if you want something done right.....blah blah blah.

    So here's my fix. IGUS bushings are known to squeak. Apparently, the phenomena is called "stick slip".

    "If the surfaces are too smooth, however, higher adhesion results, i.e. the surfaces adhere to each other. Higher forces are necessary to overcome the adhesion, which results in an increased coefficient of friction. Stick-slip can be the result of a large difference between static and dynamic friction and of a higher adhesive tendency of mating surfaces. Stick-slip also occurs due to intermittent running behavior and can result in loud squeaking."

    My solution is to rough up the pedal axle where it meets the bushing.

    "Time and again, it has been observed that such noises can be stopped or eliminated with rough shafts. Thus, for applications with the potential for stick-slip - slow movements, large resonance of the housings - attention must be paid to optimizing the roughness of the shafts."

    I confirmed during my last bushing replacement that the axle has a mirror finish where it mates to the bushing.

    igus® - iglide® Plastic Bushings: Coefficients of Friction


    Bearing noise/squeak – check shaft surface finish / possibly roughen shaft.

    igus® - iglide® Plastic Bushings: Tolerances

    It cant be too rough. "If the shaft is too rough, abrasion levels play a significant role"

    Satin finishes are usually at 220 to 380 grit. The key here is to roughen up the axle just enough that regular use wont smooth out the surface back to a mirror finish.

    Hope that helps someone out there.
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    FYI, just got an email from Spank. They disagree with my solution. Not recommended by the manufacturer.

    Just a disclaimer

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    another thing most likely not recommended is roughen the surface up with like 600 grit paper (around the periphery, like you would get in a lathe) and now add molykote or some other good sliding grease in there.

    It is known in many industries that a too fine polished surface won't be able to lubricate the mating parts enough for example. Can't see why it wouldn't work here too.
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    additional lubricant is not recommended by the manufacturer.

    after putting a satin finish on the axle, i reduced the squeaking by 90%. i still have a light squeak in there on the most difficult climbs. on further investigation, fully tightening the outboard axle nut can make the outboard oring cap/washer to seize against the nut.

    i loosened the nut to allow the cap/washer to spin freely with a light push, without causing the pedal to havr play. testing next week. i dont recall reading this in the manual. if its in there, pardon me.

    if this works, i recommend it be first step to addressing squeaks as the manufacturers is absolutely certain that its the sole rubbing against the washer that produces noise. and its real easy too. a quarter turn does the trick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bing! View Post

    I confirmed during my last bushing replacement that the axle has a mirror finish where it mates to the bushing.
    Can I ask where did you purchase replacement bushings, and by any chance do you know the size?
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