Well, Today, was the day I was going to pick my bike up. It's been almost two months, since I purchased the MTB Rotor 3d 2x9 cranks w/ Titanium Axle. The delay was due to certain parts that were unavailable, or on order. I choose to wait and make sure this bike was perfectly set up to my specification. Final parts came in, so today, I went to my LBS to bring the Seatpost, seat and pedals, well guess what, the threads on the Rotor 3D crank did not allow my pedal threads to thread. The Mech tried the pedals on two other cranks, and they threaded fine. Both sides of the pedal threads on the crank arms were not working. I've waited over two months, hopefully, one more week won't matter. I e-mailed Kervin at Rotor USA, but, I know it's Saturday, so hopefully I receive a response on Monday. There Customer service is first rate, so I'm not too worried. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can ride this build next weekend!!!

Has anyone else had threading problems w/ the Rotor 3D cranks?



Also posted this on the WW forum.