X-post from DH forum. I got one of the new style MRP LRP guides on my AS-X, looks like a new improved beefy version compared to the old pictures I've seen. The plate the guide mounts on behind the bottom bracket is quite thick and it really pushes the cranks outward too far. This has created a terrible chain line and made tuning the front derailleur to not get any rubbing next to impossible. I'm running Holzfeller cranks w/bashguard and an XT derailleur. It seems like they almost beefed it up too much because it seems it is thicker than it needs to be where it mounts to the bottom bracket. I've gotten it to where it won't rub when it is in the middle ring in all except the granny gear. In the small ring it rubs in the smaller cassette gears. The rubbing is on the inside of the fr. der cage. I'm about ready to grind down the plate where it mounts to the BB, can't think of any other solutions