(Let me start off with a disclaimer that the BB will soon be replaced by a Chris King but in the meantime..)

OK so I've come into a RF Deus without the stock BB, which is OK seeing as from everything that I've read is the weak point of the system. That said I do plan on using a CK BB in the future but in the mean time I have a FSA BB-8000 that I have lying on my spare part shelf. The BB has been upgraded with Enduro Max bearings and was going to be used on an SLK crankset that I sold before installing. From all indications the BB supports 68 and 73mm BB shells and supports 19mm (with black sleeve) or 24mm spindles. I belive the Enduro beariings that are in there now have a 19mm ID so I'd likely have to reinstall the factory ones or order a new set with a 24mm ID to fit the RF cranks. Does anyone see any issues/road blocks with this plan? Thanks in advance.