Loose brand new XTR casette on brand new DT Swiss freehub body.

Now, let me explain. I have had this to the shop and used to be a mechanic so it's been investigated pretty well. It's not a spacer issue,it is 9 speed, and the lockring is tight. I have tried three cassettes on this freehub body...XT, XTR, and Sram PC99. It remains loose. When I say "loose," I mean that the cassette simply does not fit the diameter of the freehub body tightly. When you first place the cassette on there you notice it. You can wiggle it up and down a mm or so. When I put these casettes on any other freehub body/wheelset they fit tighter and after the lockring is on, they are good to go. All these cassettes and the DT Swiss wheelset are brand spankin new.

So what gives? Do I just have a manufacturing defect on that freehub body? Has anyone else noticed this amount of play on DT Swiss freehub bodies? I am thinking of putting plumbers/pipe tape over it for now to take up that mm of space and seeing how that goes. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else has wrestled with this issue. Thanks in advance for your responses.