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    lock ring spacer required for Shimano XT cassette?

    I just installed a Shimano XT cassette (CS-M770 type AS). My question that the instructions specifically show a lock ring spacer yet the box I bought did not include a lock ring spacer. My previous cassette (XT also but 5 years older) did not include a spacer. Am I good to go or is the spacer required?

    Currently shifts reasonably well except but needs some fine tuning. I'm just too beat to work on it anymore.

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    Lockring "spacer" = that super thin washer on the inside of the lockring? I think it can come loose, but I'm always careful to keep it sort of stuck on there, with the threads lightly holding it on.

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    I've probably installed 10 or so cassettes in the last year or 2 and I don't think a single one has come with that washer. Several of the ones I've taken off have had it. I wonder if it's an OEM thing to make it easier to install with power equipment, more accurate torque or something.

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    Thanks for the replies. I don't think there was a super thin washer. There definitely isn't one on my old cassette. I'm guessing they redesigned the cassette but didn't change the instructions.

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