So I switched this year to 9 speed. I picked up Sram X9 triggers, a Sram cassette, a Truvativ Stylo crankset (needed new cranks anyway), and then I ran out of money and ended up with an OEM KMC Z9000 chain. On the first 2 rides on it, everything was pretty much fine. But then on the 3rd I started having weird problems...

1. Chain started shifting into the spokes, even the limit screw was specifically set to prevent this.

2. Started getting skips while pedaling under pressure, similar to a worn out cassette.

So I'm trying to figure out the problem. I can readjust the limits, but can I attribute the other things to cable stretch? My old 8-speed stuff didn't seem to be as affected by this if that's what it is, but this is my first experience with 9-speed stuff.

Any opinions out there?