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    harder chain = more gear wear?

    Just wondering, do the harder chains i.e. wipperman , cause the softer gears & cogs to wear out faster? or is the chain the weak link in drivetrains. usually I replace 3-4 chains per cassette & chainrings. so , If I use a harder chain, and it lasts longer does it cause more wear on everything else?

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    chains are steel. cogs are usually steel. chainrings are usually aluminum.

    i keep a close eye on my chain and replace them at the first sign of wear. i have a roloff chain gauge that keeps me informed. logic would have most believing that the aluminum chainrings would wear out the fastest, but like you, i usually go thru 4 or so chains before the chainrings go. only thing i can figure is that the 100 plus pins and rollers on the average chain only have to wear very little independently to have the chain show wear.

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