• 03-20-2007
    Good source for ATB/compact chainrings
    I've been out of the ATB scene for awhile. I'm trying to convert one of the ole Kooka ATB cranks to a road compact with 50/36 rings. Where is a good source of 5-bolt, 94/58 chainrings?

    Anybody know who sells anodized colored chainrings? Or who can anodize them to any color of your choice?
  • 03-21-2007
    Your LBS
    Most shops have a large selection of chainrings.
    They can also order just about any size/shape/colour you want.
  • 03-21-2007
    I think you'll have a really hard time finding that tooth combo in that BCD...at least for the 50 tooth ring. You could always go custom from Boone though.

    Surly makes their stainless steel rings in a 36 tooth/94mm but the largest ring I could find for 94mm BCD is 46 tooth.
  • 03-21-2007
    Thanks for the responses.

    I checked out Boone, but they only make Ti chainrings. Those can't be anodized. Even then, $150 for an outer 94 BCD ring, and no 50.

    ChickenCycles UK does make a 50 and 36 in 94 BCD (on the Kooka the outer and middle are 94 BCD), but only in silver or black and I gotta order international.

    I still prefer a custom set of rings where they can be anodized any color I want. If anybody knows who can do this, let me know :thumbsup:.
  • 03-21-2007
    No colors...but maybe www.loosescrews.com has what you are looking for.
  • 03-21-2007
    Yes, Loosescrews does have a few chainrings in 50-tooth, 94 BCD. All silver though.

    I did a search and there have been posts in the past about anodized rings. So might as well share what I found out:

    I checked out Profile Racing and they indeed list 94 mm chainrings in red, blue, black, and silver on their site. Not sure they are actually in stock though. But no green or yellow.

    I looked into do-it-yourself anodizing, but the kit costs $114 and you have to mess with different solution temperatures and settings on the battery charger. Plus the dyes only come in certain colors (the green was too dark).

    You can indeed anodize Ti, and there is somebody over the web who can do it. But it comes out mottled so it's recommended for large areas for best effect. Plus no 50-tooth rings in 94 BCD, and I'm not interested in dropping that much money on rings anyway.

    I think I will opt for Chicken Cycles UK chainrings. They have 50/36 for 94 BCD. What I like about their black rings is the teeth remain silver so the effect is pleasing. I think two of their silver/black rings will go well with the red/gold/blue of my Kooka. Moreover, you won't see the ugly wear patterns you'd get on fully anodized rings. Problem is they are the distributor so I'd have to get them from an LBS in the UK, via international shipping.
  • 03-22-2007
    You could always get a can of that "annodized" look spray paint...I know it's not the same but at least it's an option.