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    Full-Length Housing on Rear Derailure Cable?


    I just got an '06 Spec. EPIC Comp Disc and it came with full-length cable housing for the rear derailure. I'm real happy with the bike but wouldn't the full-length housing lead to less precise shifting?

    Another disadvantage would be a little more weight. The only advantage I can see is is that it would seal out dirt better.

    Is this full-length housing thing an industry-wide move or is it just Specialized?

    Also, what happened to the Gore RideOn cables?

    It seems to me that the RideOn cables would provide all the advantages of the full-length housing without the disadvantages. I asked about what happened to the RideOn cables at my LBS and they said that they quit making them cuz they were a pain in the arse to install. However, the only people ever saw have problems installing them didn't know what they were doing. Additionally, you didn't have to change them as much either.

    Does anyone have any cable brands that they can recommend?


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    Full length housing works well and can be less likely to ghost shift on full suspension bikes.

    Gore housing was a PITA to install and expensive when full length brake and derailleur housing is a snap to put on, works as well or better and is a fraction of the cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rentschl

    Does anyone have any cable brands that they can recommend?

    I cant speak from a performance standpoint yet, but I am trying a combination of Avid Full metal jackets for breaks and Delta powerlines for breaks and shifters. The powerlines are definately a pain to install. The outer cable is comprised of a sheath and hundreds of little links that are have to be facing in the right direction and have an uncanny ability to escape and fly everywhere when you are measuring and cutting the cables. The inner cable is housed within a smaller sheath that runs the length of the cable, thus sealing the unit.

    The full metal jackets are not as pretty as the powerlines but very straitforward in installation (actually uses shrink tubing to connect various parts of the cable).

    I can send pics if you want. (IMO BlueSkyCycling has the best deals on exotic cable systems right now)

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    FWIW, I tried running full length housings on both my RD and rear brake on my ProFlex part-way through last summer.

    I noticed better shifting performance running them this way. Also, while ghost shifting wasn't a major problem (only occured under very specific, very infrequent situations) it was completely cured.

    Brake's were the same story. Better performance all around AND I also noticed that doing this resulted in less travel-induced cable pull kept the same routing, too).

    I'll be sticking with full length housings on my ProFlex.

    No comments on the NRS as of yet.
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    Just use standard housings as currently available from QBP, they're fine performance wise and very cost effective compared to the packaged solutions such as the Gore or FMJ or similar (I've tried them, found no real advantage for 10x the price). Housing quality has improved over the years, the weight issue is minimal and it will definitely seal the system from contamination better. I've used full housing runs with standard QBP stuff for several years now on my bikes: I buy it in bulk and it's even a better deal that way.
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    On my Avid cable disc's the Full Metal Jacket cable's have been a great and lasting upgrade. For shifting, teflon coated, dry, in regular housing. Some places are selling jagwire teflon cable sets for $3.99. When I pulled the cable end off today after snapping a rear der. I noticed the teflon also seemed to keep the cable from fraying.

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