• 02-10-2013
    Front derailleur rubbing on 29er rear tire?
    I am rebuilding a Trek Marlin 29er. I bought some cheap Shimano Alivio 8speed shifters and derailleurs used. The front derailleur is very close to in the rear wheel. Are all 29ers this way?

    Will any derailleur work on a 29er? This what I have: http://cycle.shimano-eu.com/publish/content/global_cycle/en/nl/index/components/mountain/Alivio/product.-code-FD-M413.-type-.fd_mountain.html
  • 02-10-2013
    It's an issue with some derailleur/large tire combos on 29ers. You can avoid it a few ways:

    1) Smaller tire

    2) Top-pull derailleur (these are lower profile than dual-pull)

    3) A direct mount derailleur with a clamp-band conversion (does the same thing as above).

    Options 2 and 3 will cost at least $40, I would think. A 9 speed derailleur would work. SRAM is pretty much all you can buy now as far as a top-pull derailleur goes...they start at the X9 level and above in top and bottom pull specific.
  • 02-11-2013
    a Sram X5 high mount-top pull will help... the bike I believe specs with a low clamp but they stuff the mechanics behind the seat tube /mount with those, it you get a high clamp they slide much of the mechanic stuff out over the chain and will give you room. I think that's just a straight tube seat so there shouldn't be an issue with it...?
  • 02-11-2013
    Is it the clearance between the seat tube, derailleur and tire or the cage and the side of the tire - in the granny ring?