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    freewheel hub pops before engaging

    Have a Specialized Stout wheel in single speed setup.

    A few times when either I coast, backpedal or have stopped before starting again the hub has a moment where it pops and then is fine. the pop usually happens I think when it is trying to engage again, but may have also happened when pedaling as well.

    I think it is the hub and not the bottom bracket. But can the bottom bracket also ever pop or slip?.

    Again It doesn't happen too much, but would hate to be taken by surprise and have a possible accident with it when it does.

    It might happen twice in a 10 mile ride or so.

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    Might be pawls slipping inside the hub, due to weak, worn-out springs, or excessive dirt and grime clogging them up. Have them serviced and the pop ought to go away.

    It may also be cassette slipping. Try tightening the cassette lockring?

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    Have you looked at the freehub? I mean pulled it off and checked it out? That might be your fastest answer.
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