Background: I had the bike looked at by the LBS last fall. There was some creaking that I thought was coming from the bearings inside the eccentric, but it ended up being a somewhat crank arm that I didnít even think to check. I just noticed that the chain rubs the bb shell when itís in granny gears. No idea if the lbs removed the bb and re-installed so that it wasnít aligned the same resulting in rub, but I never noticed it before. I may have just over looked it until now. 2002 model gt i drive w/ the huge eccentric bb. 68x107 raceface taperloc bottom bracket is in there currently. Ask if you need me to clarify anything.

I never worked on a bottom bracket before, but I figured it would be simple enough. Re-installing it, should I hand thread the fixed side (non-drive) until itís snug and doesnít want to turn any further into the shell by hand? Should I be threading it in until the edge of the bottom bracket is flush with the edge of the shell? Thereís about a 3mm difference between those two points. Can I use that difference to adjust as necessary to get the clearance between the chain and the shell?

Ask if you need me to clarify, I donít have a digital camera so I cant post pictures.