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    derailleur wheel hangs low

    the part on the derailleur that hangs down, (i think called the jockey wheel) seems to always hang really low, ive seen pictures of derailleurs where its pulled up tighter and im wondering if this is something i can adjust, or is this just how some are?

    the reason im looking into it is because my chain seems to have a lot of slack on it and im wondering if theres not enough tension. I get pretty bad chain slap against the frame on hops and small drops and it also slaps against the ground pretty bad, which i didnt even realize until i took a video of me doing a 6-8" bunny hop

    its a 2006 rockhopper, and i believe a SRAM x5

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    double check chain length

    then try adjusting your rd

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    Two separate issues. First of all, if the RD has enough capacity it'll take up all the slack in the lower loop with the small/small combination. The spring isn't tight, so it'll get the lower loop horizontal, but not much more before hitting the stop.

    The chain slap happens because the chain is so close to the chainstay, when on smaller sprockets, and there will never be enough tension to keep the upper loop tight when coasting. It happens with almost all bikes, and the solution is a chainstay protector. There are many you can buy, or you can improvise something with vinyl tubing and cable ties.

    As to the overall derailleur height. That's controlled by the B-screw, (top rear of the RD). This sits against the derailleur stop, and can be adjusted to bring the RD up or down. You want the upper wheel as close to the sprockets as possible for better shifting, but there has to be one inch of chain between the pulley and sprocket at all times (check for each sprocket). BTW- that's one inch along the chain, not straight across from pulley to sprocket.

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