I'm looking for some advice on a crankset issue. I tried the search function but kept getting error messages... forgive me if this has been asked before.

Last summer I upgraded to a Trek Rumblefish frame and swapped my components over. I had an issue with my crankset, which is a Surly Mr. Whirly. The inner ring couldn't clear the outside of the bottom bracket. I went MacGyver and modded my inner ring, bolts, and spacers. I shaved off enough material to make it fit. I was stoked until halfway through the first ride when one of the bolts loosened up and rotated until it wasn't clearing the frame any more. It left a nice gouge around the outside of the BB, and I took off the inner ring and have been running a single front ring ever since.

This is ok, but for some of the long climbs I'd really like easier gearing. I run a 30t front chainring. I don't think it's as easy as switching to a bigger cassette; I'm already running a 36t rear cog. The easiest solution would be to find a way to adapt my current crankset to run a smaller chainring- maybe a bmx chainring machined to fit the 58mm inner circle? I'd also like to move to a 10 speed system eventually so I can try out a clutch rear derailleur and eliminate some chain slap.

The other option I'm considering is a switch to a SRAM crankset to use a direct mount chainring. X9 with a 28t ring sounds pretty good to me. The reason I'm posting this is to see if I can easily use a SRAM gxp bottom bracket with my trek frame, which I'm pretty sure has the BB95 press fit bottom bracket. Is it possible to purchase the crank arms alone without the spider and rings? I feel like I'd be buying the set and then trying to sell the rings right out of the gate to get what I'm looking for, seems like there must be an easier solution.

Ok, thanks in advance for any help you can throw my way. If this has been addressed previously, I'd appreciate it if you could send a link in my search-stymied direction. Cheers!