I'm kinda goin' off the deep end here, so bear with me.

I just painted my frame (7 year old fsr) and it has just dawned on me that it would be really cool to go with anodized red accents on things like skewers, headset, seat collar, BB cups. So I see that both Chris King and Hope make very nice external BBs, and I may get one.

That begs the question, what is a good crank nowadays? My old cranks are XT M752? Very boring silver/gray with an old school Hollowtech Octalink BB. What is a good best bang for the buck crankset in the current mountain biking world? I'm not racer or weight weenie anymore, about 190lbs aggressive XC / light all mountain kinda rider. I'm not interested in a $300 crankset, but am much more interested in something that is going to hold up well and allows for easy replacement of chain rings as they wear out.

Thanks, Derek