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    crank arm stripped what now

    My race face evolve crankset has the pedal threads stripped on the drive side. Can I buy a rt side crank arm only (includes the chainring spider), or do i need to helicoil it.

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    I would go Heli coil first. Much cheaper than buying a new crank arm.
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    I had the same problem a few weeks ago. I took the arm into my lbs and they put a thread insert (helicoil) in for me, cost 11 bucks.
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    would using the helicoil make the threaded connection weaker?
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    Quote Originally Posted by misctwo
    would using the helicoil make the threaded connection weaker?

    It will actually make the connection stronger. A Boeing 747 comes from the factory with over 40,000 Heli-Coils installed as OEM equipment. It's the preferred method for installing a steel bolt in to an aluminum threaded hole.

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