I have just picked up a new takeoff Cannondale CODA 2X9 crankset. It looks mint, never ridden. Installed it on my Giant Trance with the spec' d xtr BB (102.5mm) and chainline is good(50mm). New SRAM 971 Chain and 970 cassette mounted to low mile mavic crosslands (freewheel is not an issue). The chain keeps skipping off the little ring(29T) in every cog but the 34t and the 30t under power. There is no skipping in the 42 under all power loads. I cannot for the life of me figure out why its skipping in the 29. I even measured the chainline and found that the 29 is a 47mm and the 6 cog is also 47mm and it skips under load everytime. My LBS doesnt have a clue and Cannondale was less than helpful. Has anyone had any experience with this cannondale crankset and or chainrings. The only thing I can think of trying now is a different chainring, but 29T 94BCD rings are a pain to find. I would appreciate any input on this one.