• 02-02-2013
    Chainline on SRAM/Truvativ Spiders?
    I want to run a 2x10 set up but I like both the lower gearing of the traditional 3x10 granny and the chainline of the middle ring. I have found the 2x10 rings are OK at both ends of the cassette but not as smooth as the middle ring on a 3x.

    Does anybody know if the spider/chainring sets sold as 22-36-gaurd are the same spacing as the 3x10's, ie. the 36t is in the normal middle ring spot?


    I have a couple of brand new xo 3x10 spiders with 22-33-44 that I could run with the 44 removed but I would prefer to run a 22-36 or 24-36. If the 2x w/ guards are spaced right I would be looking for a trade or a sell/buy deal to get one.

  • 02-02-2013
    Bike Whisperer
    The 22/36/Bash is just their standard 64/104 3 ring spider and uses the same chainline which is different than their 2x10 80/120 cranksets.
  • 02-03-2013
    Perfect, thanks.
  • 02-06-2013
    Are the 22/36 and 24/38 chainring/spider combo's available without a bashguard? I have an XO 26/39 now and want lower gearing but don't need the basher cause I'm running a MRP 2x guide.

    I have also noticed that the chainline is not optimal, hard to get into the big/big combo, will the diff chainline of the smaller rings work with my MRP guide? The gap between the small ring and the guide is pretty tight as is.